Friday, April 3, 2009

Make Math Fun and Easy With "Names for 10"

Since our entire math system is in base 10; 10 cents in a dime, 10 dimes in a dollar, 10 tens in 100, 10 hundreds in 1000, etc., if your child knows all of the "Names for 10" well enough to play with them, mental math and all kinds of other concepts are a snap.

So what are the "Names for 10?"
0 and 10
1 and 9
2 and 8
3 and 7
4 and 6
5 and 5
6 and 4
7 and 3
8 and 2
9 and 1
10 and 0

When your child knows these relationships, inside and out, you won't believe how numbers will be easy to add, subtract, multiply and divide on paper as well as mentally. Dealing with money, word problems, even geometry concepts are a snap when the Names for 10 concept gets thoroughly internalized. How the numbers fit together make sense on a whole different level, whether manipulating single, double or triple digits.

Stay Tuned for fun ways to develop Names for 10 skills ...