Friday, June 19, 2009

Book Swaps Make Better Readers - and it's economical for parents, too.

How many of us have a bunch of books lying around the house, sitting on shelves, lonely and untouched, for who knows how long? Here's a great way to get your kids all excited about reading, change the scenery on your shelves, and clean out those messy piles stacked in corners.


Pick a place where everyone can bring books they've already read to trade for fresh ones. The school auditorium works well. Teachers and administrators appreciate events like these, so they'll help you get the word out. Community centers, public parks, and libraries make good venues, too, anywhere kids can explore piles of books and choose a few favorites to take home and curl up with.

Here's how it works: If someone brings 5 books to trade, they can choose 5 books they haven't read yet to take home.

Book Swaps bring out the best in the younger set. Kids who bring a lot of books to trade often let other children that don't have books to swap grab a title or two in their stead.

And you don't even have to plan it if you do a little poking around to find someone else to do the legwork.

Girl and Boy Scout troops are always looking for community service projects. Most high schools require documented community service hours for students to graduate. The BOOK SWAP gives people a chance to give back to the community, and the kids love it!

Deborah Rosen, a friend of mine from Connecticut reported: "The kids just love (book swaps). The first time we did one, the kindergarten children were so excited, they (switched out books) and sat right down on the floor (where they were standing) and started reading them. It was so cute!"

BOOK SWAPS are fun, green, free, and they get kids noses back into books. What have you got to lose?